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A little bit about me...

I am a tech-enthusiast, photographer, data-nerd, and NFL fan!

Hi there! I'm glad you want to get to know who I am as a person. I'm currently an aspiring marketer in a digital world. Always wanting to learn more about anything I dive into. The more I sink my teeth into something new, the more I want to know about it! I do this continually with many of my passions; cooking, photography, esports or gaming, new technology, and football.


I'm the type of person who can talk about anything for hours on end. I've spent years in sales consulting positions for many notable companies such as Rogers, Apple, Best Buy, and SmileDirectClub. Over the years, I've always felt that I can be my best and perform my best for companies when it comes to marketing. I always believe that you should think like a customer when it comes to pushing marketing for people to digest.


As I said earlier, I love to learn continuously, and this is what I do with everything in life. When it comes to my passions, I enjoy knowing that my crafts continue to get sharper and I continue to expand my network of professionals by getting to know people personally. If there is one key takeaway from my experiences in life it's that connections you have with people mean the world.

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Passages about my passions...

Cooking & Food

Whether it's cooking for two or five, I love to jump right in! I get a euphoric feeling when you see people enjoying the food you made them. I love food in general, and more so when it's a local small business restaurant being the host. There is nothing better than supporting your local restaurants!

Photography & Editing

If you haven't seen my work, go check it out! Not only do I love taking various pictures of different people and landscapes, but I absolutely love editing. I edit in Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop, Lightroom, Spark Post, and more! I'm always learning new editing techniques and new tools throughout my journey. I had the pleasure of taking a photography walk while at Apple with customers, and we had a blast!

Technology & Marketing

I had the pleasure to work at Apple for sometime one the front lines of phone launches and new product launches. As a result, I become a HUGE fan of Apple and how they execute their new tech launches. Another company that follows similarly Is Tesla, but in the car industry. I love to rant and talk about technology In general and how large technology companies conduct their marketing.

Esports & NFL

Growing up I played football and started in gaming back when the Playstation was a revolution. I harvested an early love playing football and become intrenched in everything football. The same happened with gaming. While I was finishing high school I had the chance to take gaming to the next-level and participate in local events and online events to win money or sponsors. My love for esports grew into my largest passion to date.