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Justin Silver, October 9 2020

Snag These 3 Tech Gifts Before Christmas!

Christmas time is soon upon us! 11 weeks until that special day of opening up your perfect gifts and your loved ones open their perfect gifts. The rush of panic happens when you realize, "what do I get for gifts this year for my tech friends and family?!" No need to fear, Justin's here! Sit back and relax while you learn about the top 3 tech gifts to buy before they sell out. The gamer of your family will love you for putting in the research. The vloggers will adore you for learning about the latest and greatest camera tech. The fitness  fanatics will burst on the scene with their new tech trackers. 

Now, you may be asking at this point, "tell me what these amazing gifts are already!" When it comes to tech gifts you want to buy them the latest version of a fitness watch, gaming consoles, and mobile cameras. I'm here to let you know 3, actually 4 tech gift ideas, for everyone in your family and friend circles. The best part about all these gifts is that they can be enjoyed at any time of the year and through any type of pandemic, *cough* COVID-19*cough*.

Apple Watch 6...why that one?

The new Apple Watch 6 has evolved into something futuristic and spectacular for that fitness freak or always-on-the-move hustler. You have the same features of being able to start or end a call, send messages while on the move, and experience fitness apps on the next level of engagement. Now, for the very new features. Newly improved Always-On display for when you're hard into your workout and you want to check your heart rate or time of the workout. The newest feature of being able to have a blood oxygen level indicator, which benefits the user by knowing how well their blood and oxygen levels are performing. Not to mention, the battery has been improved to allow the user a full-day of certain usage, up to 18 hours! The second to best part is putting a personal feel and look on your Apple Watch 6. This is done by having the ability to switch out watch bands of different materials and colours. Wouldn't you love to give the gift that keeps on giving?

HERO9 Black Does Not Slack!

At this point you may be wondering what is a HERO9 Black is and why it's a must-have for this holiday season. This beautiful piece of tech is one of the greatest mobile cameras you can get your hands on this year. It's a perfect gift for that person who wants to capture their sporting events in a first-person view or taking a 360-degree view in an instant. Did I mention how great the quality of pictures and videos are on this little device? It's small enough to put in your pocket but powerful enough to capture the world in a single snap! You can mount it to your bike, car, snowboard, skateboard, surfboard, helmet, and just about anything else you can think of in one easy step. GoPro has done an amazing job with engineering different kits to support mounting to anything and everything. And don't worry, the tech in the HERO9 Black is meant to last years and years with the support of 5K video format and its own video stabilization. Now that you know a little bit more about the HERO9 Black, let me introduce you to our next gifts!

Gamers Unite For The PS5 or The Xbox Series X.

One of the biggest battles between gamers has been Xbox gamers versus Playstation gamers. Let's start by talking about the PS5. If the person you are buying this for has a PS4 already, this will be the perfect tech gift to replace it. They can also use their PS4 games on their new PS5 console, but with the addition of improved performance that they will appreciate. With the excitement of new exclusives coming to Playstation, they will enjoy even more games than they did before! The PS5 hardware brings in new 4K gaming graphics to make you feel like you're right there in the action. Along with the new hardware comes with new super-fast loading times, this way you don't wait around all day for games to load. Enough about the PS5, on to the Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series X comes with virtually unlimited backward compatibility with your games from previous Xbox consoles. Not only can you enjoy your old games with improved performance, but all new exclusives to the Xbox Series X. The team over at Microsoft is very proud of the Xbox Series X by bringing in the latest and greatest tech hardware inside. This ensures it stays quiet while performing at it's peak! Did I mention that the Xbox Series X allows certain games to look their best and look super fluid? Let's hope you only have to buy one and not both!

At this point, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the options, but let me make this easy for you when you start shopping around for this tech. For the gamer in your family, go for either the PS5 with two games or the Xbox Series X with two games. It will be a good start to their ever-growing collection of games they want and "need". The trickier one will be the fitness fanatic that is always on the go or always wanting to do something EXTREME. Go for the Apple Watch 6 in that case. They will love the new features that they can take advantage of and show-off when they are hitting new strides in their fitness routines! And last but not least, the one that loves using their camera for every situation. You MUST buy them a GoPro HERO9 Black along with a mounting kit! So, what are you waiting for? Go now before they are sold out!

Written by

Justin Silver


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